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Shanghai qipu electrostatic technology co., LTD is located in¬†Building 1, Lane 160, Longgao Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai , is a set of static removing equipment research and development, manufacturing, sales and service in one of the hightech enterprises. The product of the company’s main research and development is: static eliminator bar, ionizing air bar, corona treatment machine,static electret equipment ,high voltage generator, static meter,ionizer air fan,antistatic brush,ionizing air nozzle,ionizing air gun.


Qeepo in productronica China 2024

Qeepo in productronica China 2024

On March 22, 2024, the 3-day Munich Shanghai Electronic Production Equipment Exhibition came to a successful conclusion. The exhibition gathered brand enterprises from the Asian electronic manufacturing industry, focusing on precision electronic production equipment and manufacturing assembly ser...

Solving the static electricity problem during tape cutting
During the entire slitting process, due to factors such as slitting, tension, and friction, a large amount of static electricity will accumulate, which can easily generate sparks, electric shocks, and dust adsorption. The static electricity repels or attracts each other, resulting in slipping of ...
Electrostatic elimination during film rewinding process
Film extrusion or blowing lines usually carry extremely high static electricity exceeding 200KV, which can cause the following problems: 1. Operators suffer from electric shock, causing discomfort 2. High static film production with film rolls 3. Attract dust one meter away and contaminate the...