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Shanghai qipu electrostatic technology co., LTD is located in Building 1, Lane 160, Longgao Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai , is a set of static removing equipment research and development, manufacturing, sales and service in one of the hightech enterprises. The product of the company’s main research and development is: static eliminator bar, ionizing air bar, corona treatment machine,static electret equipment ,high voltage generator, static meter,ionizer air fan,antistatic brush,ionizing air nozzle,ionizing air gun.


QEEPO in the APFE 2021

QEEPO in the APFE 2021

After three days of hard work, the 17th Shanghai International adhesive tape protective film and functional film exhibition & the 17th Shanghai International coil and die cutting exhibition of “apfe” has come to a successful conclusion. The exhibition is very popular and we...

Six common printing methods to solve static electricity
In order to ensure that the static electricity will not affect the product quality in printing, the production with quality and quantity guaranteed, and at the same time to avoid the occurrence of fire. We must pay strict attention to static electricity and take effective measures and Countermeas...
What are the consequences of static electricity on printing?
In the actual production process, if printing products are affected by static electricity, there are four common problems: burrs, missing printing, graphic dots, stripes and water drops, which will seriously affect the final quality of printing products. 1、 Burrs caused by static electricit...