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Shanghai qipu electrostatic technology co., LTD is located in dongye road songjiang Shanghai , is a set of static removing equipment research and development, manufacturing, sales and service in one of the hightech enterprises. The product of the company’s main research and development is: static eliminator bar, ionizing air bar, corona treatment machine,static electret equipment ,high voltage generator, static meter,ionizer air fan,antistatic brush,ionizing air nozzle,ionizing air gun.


QEEPO in the APFE 2021

QEEPO in the APFE 2021

After three days of hard work, the 17th Shanghai International adhesive tape protective film and functional film exhibition & the 17th Shanghai International coil and die cutting exhibition of “apfe” has come to a successful conclusion. The exhibition is very popular and we...

Aluminum foil thin corona treater treatment machine
Aluminum foil materials have low wettability and are difficult to carry out surface treatment.   At this time, we will use corona treatment machine, which can well solve the problem of weak adhesion on the material surface, coarsen the material surface through corona discharge, and...
Installation of electrostatic eliminator for aluminum carbide coating and winding machine
In the printing industry, according to customer requirements, after the product printing production must be bronzing. Hot stamping process needs to use electrochemical aluminum material to achieve. In the process of manufacturing, there will be electrostatic problems in the winding. Today, I wou...