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Shanghai qipu electrostatic technology co., LTD is located in¬†Building 1, Lane 160, Longgao Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai , is a set of static removing equipment research and development, manufacturing, sales and service in one of the hightech enterprises. The product of the company’s main research and development is: static eliminator bar, ionizing air bar, corona treatment machine,static electret equipment ,high voltage generator, static meter,ionizer air fan,antistatic brush,ionizing air nozzle,ionizing air gun.


Qeepo in productronica China 2023

Qeepo in productronica China 2023

On April 15, 2023, the 2023 Munich Shanghai Electronic Production Equipment Exhibition came to a successful conclusion! But the excitement continues, and we will remember all the encounters at the exhibition. QEEPO Electrostatics showcases products such as static eliminators, static sensors, sta...

The harm and solution of static electricity in rewinding
The application of unwinding runs through all industries, whether it is plastic film, paper, or textiles. In the process of rapid winding and unwinding, a large amount of friction, peeling, and squeezing will occur between the material and the roller, causing static charges of different elec...
Solution to electrostatic problems in the textile industry
During the textile production process, static electricity and dust can seriously affect product quality. When the air is dry, static electricity will slowly accumulate, and the friction between the machine and the yarn will generate more static electricity, causing textile production to be unable...