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QEEPO Room Ionization System static eliminator bar

Short Description:

input voltage: 24V DC(20-32V DC)

working voltage:±15KV DC

input current:≤1A

working frequency: 0~30Hz

working temperature: 0~50℃

Discharge electrode material: W

Working humidity: 0 ~ 70% RH

Min Order Quantity:1 Piece/Pieces

Supply Ability:10000 Piece/Pieces per Month


Payment Terms:L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T

package:wooden case/ carton


Product Detail

Product Tags

QEEPO Room Ionization System Static Eliminator Bar

The QP-SSE room static electricity eliminator is a type of device independently developed and produced by our company, which is suitable for eliminating room static electricity and achieving a certain range of static electricity values in the environment. It has various adjustment, protection, and indication functions; The product adopts an integrated design and is equipped with a 24V DC input for direct use, reducing the various impacts caused by using high-voltage wire connections; The working mode of product pulse DC or steady-state DC; The working status output function can be connected to devices such as relays or PLCs.


Feature Description

QP-F66(SSE)空间静电消除器 (5)
QP-F66(SSE)空间静电消除器 (6)
Wide Range And Fast Speed For Removing Static Electricity
Effectively Remove Static Electricity Within A Large Space Range
Customizable Size
Can Provide Solutions Based On Customer Site
QP-F66(SSE)空间静电消除器 (7)
QP-F66(SSE)空间静电消除器 (1)
Integrated Structure
Input 24V To Work, Eliminating The Problem Of Connecting High-voltage Lines
Good Anti-static Effect
External Regulators Can Be Used To Adjust The Output Ion Level And Frequency
QP-F66(SSE)空间静电消除器 (2)
QP-F66(SSE)空间静电消除器 (3)
Real Time Output Of Working Status Signals
With Working State Output Function, It Can Be Interconnected With External Devices
Cleaning Reminder Function
When The Discharge Electrode Is Contaminated,The User Is Reminded To Clean The External Discharge Electrode Through LED Indication

Installation case


Performance parameter

model QP-F66(SSE)
input voltage  24V DC(20-32V DC)
Input current ≤1A
working voltage  ±15KV DC
working frequency  0~30Hz
working temperature  0~50℃
material quality ABS/PVC FR.
Section size 27.5*45.5mm
Discharge electrode material W(replaceable)
Working mode Pulse DC/steady-state DC
Job proportion 40% :60%(POS:NEG)
Working humidity 0~70%RH


Product size


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