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Powerful ionisation Pulsed DC Mid-Range QP-F66 static Eliminator Ionising bar

Short Description:

input  Voltage: 24V DC (20-32V DC)

Input current:≤1A

Working voltage:+/- 7~12KV DC

Min Order Quantity:1 Piece/Pieces

Supply Ability:1000 Piece/Pieces per Month


Payment Terms:L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T

package:wooden case/ carton

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Powerful ionisation Pulsed DC Mid-Range QP-F66 static Eliminator Ionising bar


QP-F66 pulse DC electrostatic eliminator is a product independently developed and produced by our company, which is suitable for medium distance and can eliminate static electricity without compressed air. It has a variety of adjustment,protection and indication functions; The product adopts an integrated design, which can be used directly with 24V DC input, reducing the various effects caused by the use of high-voltage wire connection; The product adopts anti electric shock design, which is safe and reliable to avoid injury to operators; Working state output function, which can be connected to relay or PLC and other equipment.


QP-F66 static bar-1

Electrostatic bar Safety Upgrade

Ceramic Column Is Installed At The Bottom Of The Discharge Electrode To Prevent Electric Shock

QP-F66 static bar-2

Strong Discharge Energy And Better Electrostatic Removal Effect

The Distance Between Discharge Electrodes Is 60mm, And More Ions Are Released

QP-F66 static bar-4

Long Working Distance

Working Distance: 50 ~ 300mm

Integrated Design

It Can Be Directly Used With 24v Dc Input

QP-F66 static bar-3

Maximum Output Voltage ± 12kv, Safe And Reliable

Output + / - 7 ~ 12kv Dc

Independent production by manufacturers

OEM, mass production, price concessions


QP-F66 DC  static eliminator bar size

Performance Parameters

model QP-F66
Input voltage 24V DC (20-32V DC) Section size 26.4*44.4mm
Input current ≤1A Discharge electrode material W
Working voltage +/- 7~12KV DC Working distance 50~300mm
Working frequency 10Hz Work proportion 40%:60%(POS:NEG)
Working temperature 0℃~40℃ Working humidity 35%~75%RH
Texture of material ABS/PVC FR.    



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