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QEEPO QP-H66B anti static bar with a detachable cable

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Working VoltageMAX 7Kv AC

Min Order Quantity:1 Piece/Pieces

Supply Ability:1000 Piece/Pieces per Month


Payment Terms:L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T

package:wooden case/ carton

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QEEPO QP-H66B Anti Static Bar With A Detachable Cable

QP-H66B Is A Detachable Electrostatic Eliminator For High-voltage Lines. For Those With A Risk Of High-voltage Line Damage, Simply Replace the High-voltage Line Instead Of Replacing The Entire Electrostatic Rod. The External Part Is Made Of High Insulation Composite Material, With A Non-metallic Structure Design And An Internal Coupling Current Limiting Structure.
The Safety Performance Is Better And The Environmental Applicability Is Higher. The New Structural Design Significantly Increases the Ion Production, And A High Insulation Fixed Slider Is Used For Easy Fixation And Installation, Suitable For Removing Static Electricity In Multiple Industrial Fields.


New Detachable High-voltage Line Design
For Those With A Risk Of High Voltage Line Damage,Simply Replace The High Voltage Line Without Replacing The Entire Electrostatic Rod
Both Ends Of The Electrostatic bar Can Be Disassembled
Concise And Convenient Use In Series
Double Ended High-Voltage Wire Length Can Be Customized
Maximum Length Of 11m (Standard 2.5 Meters), Selected According To The Maximum Load Of The Power Supply
Innovative Structural Design
Significantly Increase Ion Production
Using High Insulation Fixed Sliders
Insulation Safety And Easy To Fix Installation
Equipped With A High-voltage Power Supply For Use Together
Safe, Reliable, Excellent Performance,Long Service Life
Internal Coupling Current Limiting Structure
Better Safety Performance And Higher Environmental Applicability
External Use Of High Insulation Composite Materials
Non Metallic Structural Design, Higher Strength,And Better Insulation

Performance parameter

Classification Model QP-H66B1I QP-H66B1H QP-H66B2I QP-H66B2H
Structure Model Standard Version Electrode Encryption Type Standard Version Electrode Encryption Type
Needle Pitch 20mm 10mm 20mm 10mm
Number Of High-pressure Connectors 1 1 2 2
Electrode Needle Material Standard SS (Optional W)
Body Material FRP/ABS/PC/PU/PA6
Working Voltage MAX 7Kv AC
Working Current MAX 5mA
Working Frequency 50/60Hz
Working Distance 30~200mm 30~250mm 30~200mm 30~250mm
Recommended Installation Distance 30~50mm
Section Size 21.3*46.6 mm(Excluding Fixed Blocks
Processing Length 120~4000mm 120~3990mm 160~4000mm 160~4000mm
Operating Environment Temperature 0-50℃
Operating Environment Humidity 0~70%RH(No Freezing, No Condensation)
Supporting Cables Standard Length Of 2.5 Meters, With Two Plugs And A Bending Radius Of 80mm; Maximum Length Of 11m (Selected Based On The
Maximum Load Of The Power Supply)
Adapted Power Supply QP-HE10 Or QP-HE30
Note: The Measurement Conditions For The Above Data Are: Temperature (23 ± 3 ℃); Humidity (50 ± 5)%; Test Voltage: ± 1kv~± 100v;


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