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QP-F35A Explosion proof static eliminator bar

Short Description:

working voltage: MAX 7Kv AC

Working current:MAX 5mA

working frequency: 50/60Hz

working temperature: 0~50℃

Explosion proof sign: Ex sc IIB T4 Gc

Explosion proof Certificate: No. GYB19.2083X


Discharge electrode material: SS. / W / Ti

Working humidity: 0 ~ 70% RH (no freezing, no condensation)

Min Order Quantity:1 Piece/Pieces

Supply Ability:1000 Piece/Pieces per Month


Payment Terms:L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T

package:wooden case/ carton

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QP-F35A Explosion proof static eliminator bar

Performance description

QP-F35A explosion-proof electrostatic eliminator has passed the certification test of national explosion-proof certification authority, and has been tested in ethylene environment. It can be used for electrostatic elimination in class IIB explosive gas environment. The product adopts the built-in structure of the discharge unit. Through the structural design of the compressed air blowing out the ions, the abnormal discharge of the discharge electrode to the external environment is avoided, and the product safety performance is improved; at the same time, the positive and negative ions generated by corona discharge are blown to the material surface by compressed air, which increases the effective working distance of the product; the back T-groove installation structure is convenient and simple.

Performance parameter

Working voltage MAX 7Kv AC
Working current MAX 5mA
working frequency 50/60Hz
operation mode Power frequency AC
Working distance 5~60cm
Recommended installation distance 10~15cm
Discharge electrode spacing 30mm
Discharge electrode material SS. / W / Ti
length 300~2500mm
working temperature 0~50℃
Air pipe size Φ12
Working air pressure 0.2~0.5MPa
Explosion proof grade Ex sc IIB T4 Gc
Explosion proof Certificate No GYB19.0001X
Working humidity 0 ~ 70% RH (no freezing, no condensation)
Temperature (23 ± 3) ℃; Humidity (50 ± 5)%; Test voltage ± 1kV ~ ± 100V;




Installation Diagram


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