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QP-C01 Intelligent Electrostatic Sensor

Short Description:

Working voltage:DC 7-36V

Working Current:< 50mA       

Vibration frequency:< 1KHz

Data Response:< 100mS

Communication distance:< 2Km

Measuring distance:25mm~500mm

Measuring range:+20KV 

Product size:95.5*20.7*16.7mm

Material Science:PC

Working environment:0-50C(No freezing and no temperature condensation) 

Working environment humidity:10-85%(no condensation)

Min Order Quantity:1 Piece/Pieces

Supply Ability:100 Piece/Pieces per Month


Payment Terms:L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T

package:wooden case/ carton


Product Detail


Product Tags

QP-C01 Intelligent Electrostatic Sensor


Performance characteristics

Beautiful shape, super small size, easy installation。

Detection distance user can choose to adjust。

Wide detection potential range and high detection accuracy。

Alarm threshold can be set, high-light LED operation instructions, normal green light is always on, beyond the threshold red light alarm。


Support multiple communication protocols to connect RS-232, RS-485, CAN, Ethernet, WIFI, seamless connection with user equipment。

Strong data analysis capabilities can provide real-time curves, historical curves and data reports. Data status printable output。


Performance parameter

working voltage DC 7-36V
Working Current < 50mA
Vibration frequency < 1KHz
Data Response < 100mS
Communication distance < 2Km
Measuring distance 25mm500mm
measuring range ±20KV
Product size 95.5*20.7*16.7mm
Material Science PC
Working environment temperature 0-50℃(No freezing and no condensation)
Working environment humidity 10-85%(no condensation)


Installation Diagram

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