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QP-EH electrostatic generator For Temporary Bonding And Adsorption

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QP-EH Electrostatic Generator For Temporary Bonding And Adsorption

QP-EH Is An Electrostatic Generator That Is Used For Temporary Bonding And Adsorption By Electrostatic Generation. It Adopts A New High-voltage Technology. The Power Supply Is Simple To Operate, Convenient To Install, And Has A Complete Protective Circuit. It Is Suitable For Bonding, Perforation Detection, Charged Adsorption, Material Separation And Other Applications.


Performance parameter

Input Voltage 220V 50/60Hz
Power 150W
Output Voltage +30KV Or -30KV
Overall Dimension L * W * H 240*301.5*115
Output Current 5mA
Working Temperature 0~50℃
Operating Humidity 0~70%RH(No Freezing And Condensation)


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