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[Qipu electrostatic case sharing] installation of electrostatic eliminator in coating machine

Coating machine is a kind of extrusion molding machine, which has the advantages of high degree of automation, simple operation and high production speed.

But in the actual production, there will also be problems of static electricity, and Qipu static electricity has a professional installation of static electricity removal equipment for this equipment. The following small series will share with you the case of installing static electricity eliminator in the film machine.


There are many kinds of coating machines, but different substrates will produce static electricity. To solve this problem, we need to install static eliminator. The installation of general static eliminator is simple. Our products have installation instructions attached, which is easy to install.


Our qp-es electrostatic eliminator is installed in the coating machine shared this time. This electrostatic eliminator has a safe and reliable anti electric shock design, and the discharge electrode uses a special process for isolation, so the electrostatic eliminator has better performance.

The above is the case of electrostatic eliminator installed on the coating machine that qipu shared with you. For more electrostatic problems, please contact Qipu electrostatic.


Post time: Jan-18-2021