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Installation of electrostatic eliminator for large Slitter

Today, I'd like to analyze an installation case of Qipu electrostatic eliminator installed in a large-scale slitter. This case is a solution to the static electricity generated by the slitter in its production process. Because the equipment is too large, we choose multiple sets of electrostatic eliminators to adapt to its equipment.


Our qp-h35 electrostatic eliminator is selected for the whole set of equipment.


As we all know, electrostatic discharge is easy to produce electrostatic sparks, causing explosion, fire and electric shock accidents, causing casualties and property losses. Therefore, the electrostatic eliminator of Qipu electrostatic production plays a very important role in industrial manufacturing. It can not only ensure the safety production of enterprises, but also ensure the qualified rate of products.


qipu shows you the case of our electrostatic eliminator installed on a large slitter. For details about the installation size and distance of the slitter, please call Shanghai Qipu Electrostatic Technology Co., Ltd


Post time: Jan-18-2021