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[Qipu electrostatic case sharing] installation case of electrostatic eliminator of automobile protective film rewinder

Automobile protective film rewinder is a kind of film product, so it is easy to produce static electricity in the production process. If there is static electricity, it will not only affect the winding, but also affect the quality of the product. Therefore, the installation of electrostatic eliminator is a high-quality method to solve the problem of static electricity and ensure the quality of production. The following editor will share with you about the electrostatic eliminator of automobile protective film rewinder The installation case of the device.


Due to the large static value of the car protective film in the winding process, Qipu static electricity has installed an electrostatic eliminator on the roller according to the actual situation. This kind of electrostatic eliminator has very good effect and meets the customer's expectation.


As the actual size of each auto protective film rewinder is different, we customize the static bar according to the customer's own effective size, and our static bar has installation chute in the bar body, so the installation is very convenient.


This time, the customer adopts the equipment selection of one pulling two, that is, a high-voltage power supply with two electrostatic rods, so the combination is more in line with this equipment.

The above is a small series to share with you the car protective film rewinder static eliminator installation case, more static related problems can call Shanghai Qipu static!


Post time: Jan-18-2021