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Installation of electrostatic eliminator for KT board equipment

KT board is a kind of new material, which is made of PS particles through foaming to form board core and surface lamination. The board is crisp, light, not easy to deteriorate and easy to process. Due to the characteristics of the material, it is very easy to produce static electricity in the production process. The following editor will share the case of installing KT board equipment in Shanghai Qipu electrostatic eliminator.


Qp-es static eliminator and qp-hd high-voltage generator are selected for the whole equipment. The equipment is easy to install. After installation and operation, customers report that the static eliminator is fast, safe and stable.


In the process of making and winding, the size of the static bar is suitable for the size of the client's machine, and the two ends are installed with L bracket.

Electrostatic eliminator has a wide range of uses. This case is a case of electrostatic eliminator for KT board. For more information about electrostatic eliminator for KT board, please contact Shanghai Qipu Electrostatic Technology Co., Ltd.


Post time: Jan-18-2021