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[Electrostatic eliminator installation case] rack mounting electrostatic eliminator.

Today, I'd like to share with you the case of our electrostatic eliminator installed on the yarn frame. As the textile industry is easy to produce static electricity due to its product characteristics, it is inevitable that the textile industry will have the impact of static electricity in the production process. The installation of electrostatic eliminator is a very good solution to solve the problem of static electricity of its products. Let's take a look at the customer's installation picture.


Due to its many layers, the number of Static Eliminators installed on the yarn frame is relatively large. According to the customer's demand, we use our qp-hd-iv high-voltage power supply, 1 bracket, 4 belts and 4 Static Eliminators to perfectly solve the customer's static problem.


It can be seen from the figure that the qp-es electrostatic eliminator with stable static performance and fast electrostatic removal speed is used. This electrostatic rod is suitable for various industries with simple installation and convenient maintenance.

Post time: Jan-18-2021