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Qipu in the 16th Shanghai International adhesive tape protective film and functional film exhibition


The 16th Shanghai International adhesive tape protective film and functional film exhibition, which has attracted much attention, will be successfully concluded in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center on September 30, 2020.

As the first brand exhibition of global adhesive tape and film industry, many enterprises gather together to discuss and exchange the most cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements.


This exhibition Shanghai Qipu with electrostatic eliminator and corona machine series products appeared in this exhibition, attracted the attention of many audiences, have come to visit, consultation!

During the exhibition period, Shanghai Qipu static electricity booth constantly welcomed new and old customers to visit, the scene crowd, Shanghai Qipu static electricity booth predecessors stream in an endless stream.


In this exhibition, Shanghai Qipu mainly displays two series of products: electrostatic eliminator series and corona machine series.

Although the three-day exhibition time is very short, we have gained a lot.Shanghai Qipu static is grateful to all partners for their participation, contribution and support. In the future, Shanghai Qipu static will continue to adhere to continuous innovation, bring more new products to the industry market, improve the level of after-sales service, and strive to be a good industry benchmark!!


Post time: Jan-19-2021