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Uses QEEPO static eliminator to solve BOPP film electrostatic problem

Polypropylene is easy to generate static electricity throughout our process-eliminating this static electricity is essential.” “If the static charge is not eliminated, the film roll will be in the post-processing process. May prove to be dangerous. More importantly, the film may not be placed on the reel smoothly, resulting in ribbing and other effects on its surface.


Once unrolled, these impressions on the BOPP film may remain, affecting the appearance of the final product and causing the product to be scrapped, increasing waste and downtime


To solve these static problems, qeepo has many static elimination schemes for you to choose from, such as rod type static eliminator, fan type static eliminator, etc. there are intelligent static eliminator and conventional static eliminator, which can remove static electricity close to the membrane or in a large range and long distance. It is easy to install and does not affect the production of the membrane.


Post time: Dec-02-2021