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QEEPO in the APFE 2021


After three days of hard work, the 17th Shanghai International adhesive tape protective film and functional film exhibition & the 17th Shanghai International coil and die cutting exhibition of "apfe" has come to a successful conclusion. The exhibition is very popular and we have gained a lot. Let's share the live situation.
Friends are ready to welcome customers and Exhibition audience.
Just the first day, there was a lot of people in front of the booth. Everyone was very interested in the products of Qipu static.
Customers from home and abroad are particularly interested in the convenience of Qipu static electricity in eliminating static electricity, generating static electricity and handling corona machine. Our sales staff at the scene have given professional answers.
In this exhibition, we have exhibited electrostatic eliminator, corona generator, electrostatic generator, high voltage power supply and other products. At the same time, we have also brought equipment to simulate electrostatic elimination, electrostatic generation and detection. Customers have stopped to inquire, and the exhibition effect is good.
Although the three days are very short, we have gained a lot. This exhibition not only showed our new products, but also exchanged the problems encountered by customers in the actual production, and gave valuable suggestions for our next product upgrading and new product development.
The 17th Shanghai International adhesive tape protective film and functional film exhibition closed successfully. But the wonderful is still going on, we will better serve customers, bring better products and services, we will see you next year!


Post time: May-31-2021